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SECTION 6 (part e)
 APS suppression of alternative therapeutic models of health care for transgender diverse.

The main author of the APS’s Insync is Dr Damien Riggs. He is not a registered psychologist, even so he sees children, young people and their families therapeutically (according to the linked article and his website). Psychotherapists are not regulated in Australia (AHPRA), which means that anyone can call themselves one and if they behave unethically there is no-one to complain to. Many do have degree's in social work or counselling. They can join one of a couple of counselling associations but that is purely voluntary.

A major concern with the influence of Dr Damien Riggs is his promotion of sanctioning and reporting parents and clinicians if they do not conform to the affirmative care model. Science is dependent on critique, not shutting down debate, discussion, exploration or review.

“Therefore, it is important to consider how the treatment of young people is regulated. In particular, it will be important into the future for affirming treatment teams and gender centres to evaluate when legal action may be required if children are not receiving adequate parental support. This may include hospitals advocating to courts for treatment if it is otherwise being refused by legal guardians (i.e., with regards to puberty suppression). More broadly, it behoves all clinicians as mandated notifiers to consider when less-than-affirming approaches (either on the part of other clinicians or on the part of family members) may constitute forms of neglect, and to make reports as needed to the relevant bodies to ensure that young people receive the affirming clinical care that they need.” Dr Damien Riggs, “Supporting transgender and non-binary people in Australia / APS.”


This is a one size fits all model of care, that is promoted by APS on threat of losing your license as a therapist and your child as a parent is more about advocacy than care. There is some substance to SG’s complaint that she felt she was in a 2 hour propaganda session as the mantra for trans activism is ‘no discussion, no debate’. And GW followed APS’s direction to report SG for not supporting the gender affirmation model.

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