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Active Watchuful Waiting is an incorporated association.


Who are we?

 Active Watchful Waiting has a passive membership of 5000 people primarily parents, teachers, health professionals, detransitioners, transgender and members of the LGB community. Our management and work committees are comprised of psychiatrists, psychologist, lawyer, school teachers, trainers, ROGD parents and members of LGB and transexual organisations.

We are Australians and New Zealanders who are united in a deep concern at the pipelining of young people onto the conveyor belt of products and services that underpins the profits of the gender affirmation industry . The major profiteers of this industry being the medical and pharmaceutical organisations, and LGB lobbies that have repurposed their organisations and activism in line with the gender industry and gender identity ideology.  

We have a sub-committee In Defence of Children that specifically focuses on the removing hyper-sexualised school curriculea content and asserting the rights of parents to guide their child free of state ideological indoctrination into gender identity ideology, queer theory, identity marxism or critical race theory.  

Our objectives:

  • We advocate for mental health professionals to be empowered to provide much-needed support to detransitioners, their families and gender-questioning youth.

  • We advocate for health care professionals to take a cautious, ethical, exploratory, patient-centred, conservative, psychotherapy-focused approach to those suffering from gender distress.

  • We work to inform and raise awareness of the general public and in particular politicians, health professionals, parents, teachers and journalists on the harms of mandatory gender affirmative pathways and gender medicine can cause.

  • We explore and inform on the political, ideological and financial interests invested in the gender industry, and influencing schools, media, education policies and law in Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to be on the work committees please email Catherine Karena on

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