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HOW do we regain the rights the transgender industry took away?

Q: What are the Gender Identity Ideology Laws? A: They are:

  • Birth Certificate Admendments

  • Anti-Discrimination Lwas that has 'Gender / Gender Identity" replace 'sex' as a protected attribute.

  • Mislabled 'Anti-Conversion Therapy Laws' that bring in conversion therapy by gender for gender non-conforming children primarily Homosexual, Autistic

  • Anti-vilification / Anti-Hate speech law

Q: What is the status of these laws in Australia 2023? A:

What is the impact of the Gender Identity Laws on the rights of women, families, homosexuals and children? A:

Q: How do we take back our rights from the pharmaceutical lobbies, big tech and the Trans queer lobbies that put these laws into place under the radar? A:


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