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consequences for students

Students are taught

  • that if their personalities don't match sexist stereotypes they might have born in "the wrong body".

  • that they are 'sexual beings' and should learn about erotic pleasure so that they can explore sexuality in any legal direction.

If a student states that they feel like their body doesn't match their 'internal sense of gender', state education policy dictates that schools:

  • automatically affirm the child as 'trans/gender diverse'

  • facilitate 'social transitioning' (behind parent's backs if desired). This includes changing internal documents to use the child's chosen name & pronouns, cross-sex uniform, breast binders, 'penis packers' and access to opposite sex toilets, change rooms & sports teams.

  • facilitate referral to a gender clinic that can provide puberty blockers, cross sex hormones & eventually surgery.


Curriculums (K-12) include age-inappropriate, erotic sexual materials that encourage high risk sexual behaviours. Children are taught:

  • how to restrict their parent's access to their Medicare records (from age 14).

  • that having to get monthly STI testing is a "normal part of sex".

  • to consider viewing porn and sex toys, and engaging in casual sex, sex with multiple partners, new sexualities.

  • that 'same-sex' attraction instead of same gender-attraction is a form of 'sexual racism' towards transgender people.

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"Curriculums & policies require teachers to use sexually inappropriate materials,

lie to parents and gaslight students, what are they teaching?

Teachers are required to:

  • withhold information and lie to parents about their children's 'new gender identity' (where the school deems parents likely to be 'unsupportive').

  • punish student's attempts to maintain sex based privacy in toilets & change rooms as 'bullying'.

  • punish student's efforts to avoid using incorrect or made up pronouns as 'bullying'.

  • use divisive language of 'allies' vs 'enemies' to portray those who agree or disagree with transgenderism or 'non-traditional' views of sexuality

  • encourage the idea that disagreement is motivated by ignorance or bigotry- essentially, telling students that they are hated.

  • erode the good and wise professional boundaries between students and teachers with humiliating sex education role-plays and surveys.

  • ignore standard child safe-guarding supervision rules designed to protect children from harm and staff from false accusations of harm.

Mums and Dads have no parental rights if schools chooses to socially and medically transition a child's and hide their actions from parents considered 'unsupportive'.

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Schools have more rights than parents.

  • schools have the power to declare any student a 'mature minor' (which means they can consent to their own medical treatment), without a psychological evaluation or a medical diagnosis.

  •  teachers can deem parents to be a 'danger' to the mental health of their own children without a formal child welfare investigation, and hide the fact of the child's new 'transgender' identity from parents.

  • If parents do find out that their child has been categorised as transgender and declared a 'mature minor', and try to object, the Principal has the power to ban those parents from the school.

  • Further, if the parent's make any attempt to persuade their child to accept their sex and love their body as it is, they will be mandatorily reported and face charges of child abuse, loss of custody and be fined approximately $200,000 and jailed for up to ten years.

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