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Myths, Untruths, Unproven and False Assumptions

a) Gender Identity is non-existent:

A group of more than 100 clinicians and researchers from around the world have stated that there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of "gender identity," nor is there any laboratory test that can accurately differentiate between a person who identifies as trans and one who does not.    

b) Despite this lack of evidence, the belief in "gender identity" is used as the basis for medically transitioning many children and adolescents. The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) recently published an article debunking several false and unproven assumptions used to medically transition children, including the notion that "gender identity" has a biological basis. While biology plays a role in gender nonconformity, there is currently no objective test that can distinguish between trans-identified and non-trans-identified individuals. SEGM-affiliated researcher J. Cohn identified five myths that are perpetuated by proponents of the affirmation approach to gender identity, which can mislead both clinicians and patients if taken as fact.

  1. Unproven assumptions:
    1. Gender identity, which underlies gender dysphoria, is a fundamental personal characteristic that is biologically "ingrained."
    2. The sharp rise in the number of youth presenting with gender dysphoria does not signal a true increase in cases—it’s merely better detection.
    3. Detransition does not represent medical harm and is rare.

  2. False assumptions:
    1. Medical interventions in gender-dysphoric minors have clear eligibility criteria.
    2. Medical interventions for gender dysphoric minors have been demonstrated to be safe and effective.

His article “Some Limitations of “Challenges in the Care of Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth: An Endocrinologist’s View” critically examines and refutes the assumptions made in an influential “pro-gender affirmation” paper by a prominent gender doctor. Cohn warned that when these myths and inaccuracies are perpetuated, they can be mistaken for “facts” that mislead both clinicians and patients alike.

c). Testimony of Expert witness, Dr. Stephen Levine on January 21, 2023, presented to the Florida House of Representatives Health and Human Services Committee in Florida, USA. He spoke on the “Medical Dangers of Gender Affirmative Therapy” and shared “13 untruths.”

d) I think it serves to highlight his credentials:
Dr. Stephen Levine is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine he maintains an active private clinical practice. He received his MD from Case Western Reserve University in 1967 and completed a psychiatric residency at the University Hospitals of Cleveland in 1973. In 1973, he became an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Case Western and later became a Full Professor in 1985. In 2021, he was honoured to be inducted into the Department of Psychiatry’s “Hall of Fame.”

Since July 1973, his specialties have included psychological problems and conditions relating to individuals’ sexuality and sexual relations, therapies for sexual problems, and the relationship between love, intimate relationships, and wider mental health. In 2005, he received the Masters and Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Sex Therapy and Research. He is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

He has served as a book and manuscript reviewer for numerous professional publications. He has been the Senior Editor of the first (2003), second (2010), and third (2016) editions of the Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals. In addition to five previously solo-authored books for professionals, he recently published Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Sexual Problems (2020). The book has a chapter titled “The Gender Revolution.”


In total, he has authored or co-authored over 180 journal articles and book chapters, 20 of which deal with the issue of gender dysphoria. He is an invited member of a Cochrane Collaboration subcommittee that is currently preparing a review of the scientific literature on the effectiveness of puberty blocking hormones and of cross-sex hormones for gender dysphoria for adolescents. Cochrane Reviews are a well-respected cornerstone of evidence-based practice, comprising a systematic review that aims to identify, appraise, and synthesize all the empirical evidence that meets pre-specified eligibility criteria in response to a particular research question.

e) On Medical Dangers of Gender Affirmative Therapy, Doctor Stephen Levine focused on:  “Thirteen untruths of Gender Affirming Care” I have linked each point to various papers illustrating his statements.

[quote]: “ I plan to emphasize 13 ideas that I have found in the literature written by those who affirm care for children and adolescents and adults for transgender phenomenon each one of these 13 points I believe is scientifically untrue nonetheless they are firmly believed and when they are countered in meetings when they're fronted in meetings it produces a passionate outcry “that it isn't true” but as far as I can see these 13 ideas are not scientifically verifiable and are clinically apparently incorrect.

Nonetheless affirmative care doctors assert them in their writings and in their speeches repeatedly and having eavesdropped on this literature for all these years I feel very strongly that none of them are correct.

And before I give you these 13, I want to raise the one way of considering this big question of trans care for youth is whether this is an example of therapeutic advance to help Afflicted human beings or whether this is yet another medical misadventure. in medicine we have a history of many medical misadventures most recently and most damaging is the opioid endemic where we began prescribing opioids liberally without scientific demonstration as to its use and its utility and its harms and now every state in the United States and elsewhere is suffering for premature death due to opioid abuse. So here are the 13 things that are not true in my view.”

13 Untruths of the Gender Affirmative Care/Therapy model:

1/  …“A trans identity once established is immutable unchangeable unchanging[3] This is clearly not true.

2/ … “Trans identities are primarily caused by prenatal biologic forces that is the justification of the treatment is we're just correcting some biologic embryologic mistake”.

3/ … “Sexual orientation is entirely independent of gender identity.” Sexual orientation is a bias that all of us have for romantic and sexual purposes for members of a class of males or females. And in the standards of care from WPATH it has been asserted that they're entirely separate. But when you watch the child develop from a childhood to puberty to Middle adolescence you often see that the first manifestation of gender dysphoria before gender dysphoria shows up is that “I am attracted to members of the same sex.”

And you watch the evolution of orientation throughout adolescence, and you quickly see that they are not entirely separate phenomenon like The advocates say they are.

4/ … “No form of gender identity is an abnormality, and no form of gender or identity is a symptomatic reflection of some other problem.” This is not a psychologically tenable concept, but it is asserted all the time and you can read it in the standards of care.

(For example. in WPATH’s Standards of Care, 8th Edition, Eunuch” was included as a new gender identity (not necessarily a physical condition) without convincing evidence for its existence; a hyperlink within the Standards, links to an external site that incorporates graphic and sexual fantasy stories portraying the castration of adolescent males.”)

5/ … “Gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition, and it requires medical intervention” - only if the patient wants it.” So, there is some inherent Paradox in that idea right, it is a serious medical condition that implies that we should treat it, but we should only treat it if the patient wants it.

6/ … “The associated emotional problems are primarily due to living in a discriminatory world” even though many of the children who were diagnosed with gender dysphoria eventually previously have been diagnosed with other problems. (Click above link go to pg.8)

7/ … “No effective alternative approaches to affirmative care exist this is the only thing that will save your child we tell parents” and many of the practitioners actually believe there are no alternate approaches, but Dr Laidlaw just told us about alternative psychiatric approach. (Click above link go to pg.14-22)

8/ … “Attempts to provide Psychotherapy are unethical versions of conversion therapy” and should be outlawed”. You see, any attempt to help the child in the family is called conversion therapy and people are urging that to be outlawed in various jurisdictions.

9/ … “Affirmative care lastingly improves mental health and social function.” This is the justification for the treatment even though we don't have studies that demonstrate that. We don't have long-term studies at all that demonstrate that. And we have many studies that indicate, and you've seen slides of the death rates and a recent study has reaffirmed the elevated death rates of transsexual adults. So, the idea that this improves mental health is uncertain at best.

10/ … “Affirmative care reduces the rates of suicidal ideation and prevents suicide” this is the most powerful coercive untruth that parents of teenagers are told would you rather visit your child in the cemetery or have a trans child and many people including one of our panellists today have demonstrated the lack of veracity of that assumption.

When we look at the Swedish studies the females who underwent sex reassignment surgery had I think 40 times the suicide rate the average suicide rate that was quoted was 19 times because the male's suicide rate was a little less than 19. So, we realized that we are exposing people to the great risk of suicide in the long run and when we don't have follow-up studies of the youth, we need to be informing parents about what we do know about the long-term outcomes which is not happening at all.

11/ … “And the 11th idea is the young teens know best what will make them happy in the future I hear that all the time because this is their” genuine true self” not true they don't know what's best for them necessarily and...

12/ … “ Meeting diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria predicts a good outcome to affirmative care” that's not true either.

13/ … “regret and de-transition are rare among these patients. As the last two years have begun to show detransition is increasingly recognised when people assert that regret is rare it's because they're defining regret as telling their original therapist that they wish they didn't undergo this or asking to have their body rechanged back to their original form which is a very limited concept of what regret represents.

So, these 13 ideas stand as a monument to the assertions that affirmative care the science of confirmative care, has already established its superiority in its benefit.

If ideas that underpin intervention are not true are not correct, how can we trust the intervention itself.” [/unquote]

The Suicide Myth: Trans children will kill themselves if they do not receive gender affirming care.

There is no significant risk of self-harm or suicide if puberty blockers, hormone treatment or gender surgery are not given to young people to transition to the appearance of the opposite sex. 

Many parents have been told if they do not comply with 'gender affirmation care' their child will commit suicide, the catch phrase is: “Better a live son than a dead daughter” Parents report this as emotional blackmail used to pressure them into compliance with drugs, hormones or surgery by Gender Clinics or Trans lobbies.  However, in effect no parent will end up with a son from a daughter through body modification. Nor will they retain a fully functional daughter. What transition creates is a chemically altered child mimicking old-fashioned ideas of masculinity or femininity. We say this is reckless, children deserve safety and ethical care.

This trans rights narrative causes much concern but is not supported by facts. Every suicide is a tragedy, and one suicide is a suicide too many. However, with such a serious issue, accuracy is critical.

 Please refer to the following resources:

Suicide Facts and Myths
Stats for Gender -Suicide

Time to put the mythology about suicide risks among trans into the dustbin of unscientific, transgender ideology, by Dr Michael Biggs

Suicide by Adolescents Referred to the World’s Largest Pediatric Gender Clinic


In particular make note of the three false statistics that are frequently cited in support of high suicide rates:

41% by the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

45% by the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, commissioned by Stonewall.

48% by the LGBT charity PACE, led by Dr Nuno Nodin from the Royal Holloway University of London

The key takeaways of the resources and articles are:

  • There is no high quality evidence to suggest that the overall attempted suicide rate of transgender youth is 41, 45 or 48 percent.

  • People with psychiatric conditions – and sometimes neurodiverse conditions – are much more likely to die by suicide than gender dysphoric people.

  • Suicide rarely has one cause: it is difficult for statistical studies on suicide to extricate gender dysphoria from other factors.

  • Advocacy run research results in biased data.

The Suicide Myth
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