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Putting ideology before biology in hospital

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Thanks so much for this resource. I’m a child psychiatrist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Could you possibly retweet the tweet by Caroline Norma and Angie Jones on the excessive inclusive signage at the QCH? All mental health clinicians in the hospital are being encouraged to wear rainbow lanyards with pronouns or ally badges stuck to them.

We are expected to use preferred pronouns in medical documentation and the electronic medical record system automatically uses the preferred gender growth and height charts for trans kids (who often have anorexia so this is important as you can imagine as boys and girls' growth norms are quite different). Thank you "Desperate parents seeking help for children are confronted with this reception desk at the mental health unit of the Queensland Children's Hospital. Stuck to the glass is a sign telling them to use preferred pronouns. How are Australian parents assured of clinical impartiality??" Caroline Norman



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