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What can I do to help stop the medicalisation of children? (1)

There are many things you can do. Here is one thing. Are you aware that there is a complaint process? A friend sent through some information I am sharing with you:

Across Australia in the six states and two territories, there are statutory bodies known as Health Care Complaints Commissions or alike. Each body operates under its own statute. In terms of explaining in general terms what the bodies undertake, detailed below is an extract from the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Act 1993. Section 3 of the Act states:

HEALTH CARE COMPLAINTS ACT 1993 - SECTION 3 Object and principle of administration of Act

  1. The primary object of this Act is to establish the Health Care Complaints Commission as an independent body for the purposes of—

    1. receiving and assessing complaints under this Act relating to health services and health service providers in New South Wales, and

    2. investigating and assessing whether any such complaint is serious and if so, whether it should be prosecuted, and

    3. prosecuting serious complaints, and

    4. resolving or overseeing the resolution of complaints.

  2. In the exercise of functions under this Act the protection of the health and safety of the public must be the paramount consideration.

Each of the other seven jurisdictions have Acts with a similar provision.

Below is two lists: 1) A list of details of the respective state and territory bodies including their name, the Commissioner (or other title), mailing address, telephone/email contact information and the links to make a complaint. Click this link "Health Care Complaints Bodies" 2) Below is a table linking to the respective state and territory Acts. It may be the case that scope exists under the respective statutes to pursue formal complaints regarding the way in which some children and young people have been and/or are being treated with respect to gender dysphoria issues,

Some of you may already have had experience dealing either directly or indirectly with one or more of these complaints bodies. Therefore, as you are aware, careful consideration including in some cases formal legal advice should be sought before commencing proceedings.

The purpose of this post is to draw to your attention, if you are not already aware, the details of these complaints bodies. I am not qualified to provide legal advice about whether a matter should be considered to be referred to these complaints bodies. That will be a matter for individuals to consider, obtain advice and make a final decision. Nevertheless, it is worth being aware of these complaints bodies and what may be the potential for individuals to pursue matters before them regarding concerns in the way in which some children and young people have been and/or are being treated with respect to gender dysphoria issues.


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