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Is there a risk of self-harm or suicide if youth can't 'transition' to the opposite sex?

No. Many parents have been told if they do not comply with 'gender affirmation care' their child will commit suicide. This trans rights narrative causes much concern but is not supported by facts. Every suicide is a tragedy, and one suicide is a suicide too many. However, with such a serious issue, accuracy is critical.

Please refer to Suicide Facts and Myths and for succinct statistics on the following key facts on suicide for gender dysphoric youth:

  • One long-ranging study estimated a suicide rate for gender dysphoric people of 0.6%.

  • There is no high-quality evidence to suggest that the overall attempted suicide rate of transgender youth is 41%

  • People with psychiatric conditions – and sometimes neurodiverse conditions – are much more likely to die by suicide than gender dysphoric people.

  • Suicide rarely has one cause: it is difficult for statistical studies on suicide to extricate gender dysphoria from other factors.

  • There is little evidence that medical transition decreases suicidality.

This means a one-size fits all solution for gender dysphoria will be harmful to the majority of youth.

So, what we hear from Gender Clinics, the trans lobbies of ILGA and their affiliates and ardent gender identitarians to hijack our emotions and bypass our reason, to pressure parents and the general public into compliance with drugs, hormones or surgery for children has been;
“Better a live son rather than a dead daughter.”
But understand this, no parent will end up with a son from a daughter through body modification. Nor will they retain a fully functional daughter or son. What transition creates is a chemically altered child mimicking old-fashioned ideas of gender norms. No one wants a distressed daughter to kill herself. But there is no evidence that children will commit suicide if they do not transition. Even so, no ethical doctor would ever treat a suicidal girl by cutting her breasts off, an anorexic with gastric banding, or an autistic with chemical castration. No grown-up should accept emotional blackmail from children or fringe activists, to give children things that would harm them. The idea that any doctor would allow children to diagnose the cause of their own distress, and then prescribe their own treatment, is gross malpractice.

All of this is reckless. We need to be adults. Australian children deserve safety and ethical care.


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