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This site disputes mandatory gender affirming care


On Social Media and promotions via trans lobby marketing the language around protecting "trans" kids is deceptive. "Protect trans kids", "Don't mess with trans kids.", "Trans kids matter" But lets be clear. One side of the transgender debate wants to pursue an ideology and its practice of 'mandatory gender affirming care' that has a result of permanently mutilating, sterilising and fragmenting a healthy child's body.

The other side, that includes people of all political parties, religious, non-religious, parents and in particular same sex attracted people* want to keep children intact, whole and address the root of their issues. Self-hate, sexual, physical and  mental abuse, internalised misogyny, victims of trans indoctrination or internalized homophobia.

Is my language a bit strong? Here are some Fast Facts on Gender Identity and Children:

  • Studies show that 98-100% of children who use puberty blockers will go on to use cross-sex hormones, leaving them permanently sterile.


  • The long-term effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on children and adolescents have not been studied. But recently early adopter Gender clinics in Finland and Sweden report children as young as 13 years old suffering osteoporosis as a result of puberty blockers for 16+ months.


  • Girls as young as 13  overseas, and 15 in Australia are undergoing double mastectomies and boys as young as 17 are undergoing full genital sex reassignment surgeries. 

  • Between 61-98% of children who struggle with their sex as a boy or a girl, come to accept their sex by adulthood. 

  • Identifying as transgender or nonbinary may be linked to autism spectrum disorders. Children with autism spectrum disorders are 7 times more likely to want to be the opposite sex than the general population.

  • After sex reassignment surgery, adult transgender- identified people are nearly 20 times more likely to die from suicide than the general population matched for age and sex. 

  • Some transgender-identified patients are being prescribed cross-sex hormones on their very first visit to a clinic.

    Look to the links under 'Start Here'. 


Share this site with journalists, politicians, teachers and parents in order for us to protect vulnerable children from irreversible harm.

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